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Brian Hendricks

My sincere thanks to Doug for his work in putting this together. I corresponded with Sandy several years ago about the Dahl family but regret not getting to meet and thank her in person. My wife's great-grandmother was Anna (Dahl) Galvin and I have learned a lot from this site.


Connie Reick

I read with much sadness of the passing of Mike on September 29th. I will always remember the many Sundays he would visit and the holidays we shared together. He was a kind and intelligent man. My very sincere sympathies to the Bender family, especially Doug Sr. who must be feeling this loss greatly.


Cathy (Shea) Duffy

What a wealth of Dahl & Kaiser family history I stumbled upon when inquiring about William Dahl Sr. (My mom’s uncle who went missing when she was a kid.) Thank you for posting it Sandy! I had been looking through pages of copies of funeral cards and other pages of family history my mother (or sister) had collected over the years. They have both passed on and I hope to continue their genealogy search into our family tree. Cathy Shea Duffy granddaughter if Anna Dahl and great-granddaughter to Wilhelmina (Mina) Kaiser Dahl Henkel


Kathleen McGee Wieske

I was not interested in this stuff when I was younger, it's amazing how important it becomes as I get older. Thanks for creating this site, and for all your hard work researching it.


Amanda Wieske

Stumbled upon this while searching for something else. Very interesting to read. My grandmother was Mildred McGee (Reiman). I do not think that I've seen the photo you have of her with her brother Father Jack Reiman before.


Pat Dahl Nowicki

Sandy did a beautiful job. The stories are wonderful, so much more than just reading birth and death dates. You really get a feel for what the family was really like. Love reading those stories.


Levi Bender

Hi grandpa


William P. Bruckner

I know very little about my Dad's side of the family and am always interested to learn more. Thank You.


Stefanie Bernath (Oertel)

Hi i have found this biography by hazard. My grandmother Heiderose Baum ( Kräher) was very suprised, that she can read somthing about Werners Biography. Trank you for publishing it in the net. Stefanie Bernath (Oertel)


Doug Bender

Hello Brian. Good to hear from you. Yes, I am very much interested in talking with you and info on your great grandfather and grandfather. I can't give out my email address in this public forum, but if you would send me an email through the Contact Us link on this site, I will email you right back. If you have any trouble sending through the Contact Us link, then let me know here.


Brian Dahl

My father is George C. Dahl III. If you would like pictures and info about my great-grandfather or grandfather, please let me know.


Cathleen (Cathy) Kujat

Wow, what a gold mine - this is going to really help me fill in the Bender and Ott side of my family tree. Thank you so much for sharing.


Sebastian Eschenbach

Hallo, My father Rolf Eschenbach recently found the biography of Werner Wilhelm on your website with some interesting information about our family. Now we wonder, how actually did this well written biography? Werner Wilhelm himself? Best regards form Eisenstadt and Vienna / Austria Sebastian Eschenbach


Cindy Bender

I have been searching a year to find out about my husband geneolgy, I could not find any thing past his father Gary Norman Bender.When I found the Picture of Norman Bender I new I hit the jackpot.My husband Lawrence Bender looks just like Norman and Edward Bender.Thank you! Cindy Bender


Mike E Bender

Just a note about watching videos if you using Mozilla Firefox as your browzer: Once you get to Doug's or Sandy's web site, RIGHT click on the tab you are in and select "Switch rendering engine" from the displayed menu. If Silverlight has been downloaded, the video will immediately be displayed once the tab completes switching to IE.


Tonia Hardman

Sandy this web site is amazing. You have done a great job with the family history! Wow a lot of work but in the end it is worth it because lets face it family is important to all of us! Very interesting a job well done !


Sharon Dahl Smith

I so do enjoy this site and return time after time with just as much enthusiasm! Thank You for all of the hard work that went into this project.


Doug Bender Jr

Its nice seeing everyone back then. Especially Grandpa and Grandma Otter and Grandma Bender. You almost forget what they looked like. I also forgot how cool I was back then.


Jenny Garro

I realy enjoy watching that. Especially seeing everyone when they were younger and how big of a dork Doug was!


Matt Otter

To Sandy, Doug and any who put this together I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed watching those videos and how much it meant to me. I was in the Army at that time so it was really great to see some of things I wasn't around for. I still haven't looked at everything on the site yet and I look forward to doing that. This was a great Christmas present. Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you again. Matt


Sharon Dahl Smith

This is my fourth visit, I just love it!!!


Karen Bender

This is a treasure. Thank you.


Kristen Cleland

Wow, this site looks amazing! You did a great job with everything! I'm off to read more! I'll save this site to my favorites so I can come back and get updates. Thanks for preserving this for our future generations, I know my children will treasure learning about their family, especially ones they were not fortunate enough to meet.


Laura Nowicki

I really enjoyed reading the biography of Elenore McKinin. I found out about your website through my grandma Pat Nowicki. I am David and Sue's youngest. It was really nice reading about my Great Grandpa Dahl's (Harold "Shorty") childhood and his siblings. I wish I could have met him but I was not born until 1986, about 2 years and 4 months too late. I just wanted to thank you so much for the additional stories, because stories are the only way I know my great grandpa.