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This site contains a treasure trove of family history stories as told to Sandy Bender Wilhelm from 1955 through 2008 by the elderly members of our families. Sandy visited them in their homes, taking notes, photographing their old pictures and transcribing their stories immediately after the interviews. These stories were then written into family books containing our ancestors’ memories and copies of their pictures and memorabilia that they so generously shared with us.

Also contained in this biography site are birth certificates, baptismal certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates and civil war records collected from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

There are also family trees for the Dahl and Bender families and their ancestors going back into the 1700s. The Bender Family tree includes the following families: Bender, Ott, Klein, Becker, Friedrichs and Sangster. The Dahl Family tree includes the following families: Dahl, Fuerth, Busch, Kaiser, Kaminsky, Rehfeldt, Bruckner and Rose.

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Sandy Bender Wilhelm