The Dahl Family

The Dahl family became related to the Bender family when Edward Paul Bender married Marie Dahl on August 25th, 1934. Nancy, Michael, Sandy, Bill and Doug are the children of Edward and Marie Bender. Warren, Linda, Donna and Craig Stephens are the children of Nancy. Michelle, Michael and Doug Jr. Bender are the children of Doug Bender.

The Dahl family history was easy to accumulate and write down as the members of the Dahl family are very articulate and love to tell a fun story about things that happened within their ranks. They have been equally willing to relate the sad as well as tragic stories of their life and times.

Every visit to the Dahls included many reminisces with very little prodding. Even the Dahls of Woodslee Canada and Gummersbach, Germany contributed valuable memories to our treasure trove of tales of long ago and far away.

The Dahls are so full of life and mirth that every family gathering produces a plethora of new memories that are too valuable to be lost and have thus been duly recorded in this document.

This story contains a valuable resource for the present and future generations due to the willingness of the Dahl men and women to share their health problems, thus giving us a trail of inherited illnesses we as a family are prone to develop as we age. Many a Dahl has caught serious illnesses in their infancy and thus in the most treatable stage because they were aware of DNA flaws in our makeup.

This story also points out a strong positive genetic disposition to happiness and an upbeat personality that is so overwhelmingly present in our genes. If you have a depressive personality, you did not get that from the Dahl line!

The Dahl family originated from a single farm in Sweden well before the 1500's. The eldest Dahl son inherited the farm and the other Dahl kids had to make good on their own. When the Protestant Reformation came into being in the late 1500s our branch of the Dahl family was the only one who insisted on remaining Catholic. We were no longer welcome in Sweden and therefore migrated to a Catholic area of Germany, to a town that is now called Dahl, Germany, named after our family who built the first large home in that town. Our Dahl home is now a museum and we have a color pamphlet of this house. From Dahl our branch of the family migrated to the Gummersbach area where a number of Dahls still reside.

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