The Bruckner Family

The Bruckner family history starts with William Charles Bruckner and Louise Rose who were born around 1825 A.D. in the Kingdom of Hanover in the town of Schwarzburg. From this union, Pauline Bruckner was born on the 21st of June, 1849 in Schwarzburg. Pauline is the mother of Nellie Refheldt Dahl, the grandmother of Marie Dahl Bender, and the Great Grandmother of Sandy Bender.

There are 3 Schwarzburg cities in Germany so I am not sure which one they came from but as of now I am guessing that they came from Schwarzburg in the neighborhood of Sonderhausen as this is near what was formerly the Kingdom of Hanover and is also near Quedlinburg where Herman Brueckner said he came from.

As you try to trace which Edward, Charles, Herman etc. that you descended from be aware that there are many with the same names as brothers and nephews named their children after one another, so check the birth dates to make sure you are reading the records from the correct Brueckner.

The Bruckner name is spelled many different ways for a variety of reasons – the German Bruckner name is spelled Bruckner with two dots over the letter “u”, which if you don’t have a typewriter that prints the double dots over the letter then you write “ue”. In America our ancestors sometimes wrote “ue” and sometimes just “u”, depending upon their mood. They also sometimes Americanized the name writing “Brickman” or “Brickner”. The one thing to keep in mind is a Bruckner by any spelling is still a Bruckner relative!

The Bruckner name originated in Austria and Schlesia and means “one who builds bridges”. This name was also given to those who built paved and wooden streets. In the east this name is spelled “Pruckner”. (The majority of German names originated from the town in which the person was born, but less frequently the name originated from the profession or occupation of that person, as in the case of the Bruckner family name.) The Bruckner family name first surfaced around 1300-1400 in Schlesien and Mahren and was assigned to persons who repaired bridges and paved the streets. Less frequently, the name Bruckner was assigned to those persons who came from the city of Bruckenau in Frankenland.

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